In melt filtration, it is not uncommon to use combination of different meshes and weaving types to achieve optimum results. Here, we call these combinations multi-layer structure. Some of them are meant for a longer production before screen change while others are using additional layers for mechanical support or preventing sharp or strong materials penetrate through.

More frequent incidents on production floors include:

  • Misplacing the sequence of layer-structure*
  • Missing a particular layer that either cause ineffective filtration or cause sharp or hard object penetrate through

The solution for this is pre-welded or spot-welded type. This solution offers:

  • Avoid misplacing of sequence of layer-structure*
  • Avoid missing of particular layer
  • Ease of stock management due to variety of layers
  • Ease of usage control – one piece for one extruder
  • Ease of planning – one piece for one extruder

Our product features including:

  • Strong welding to avoid detachment during handling
  • Small welding spot to have optimum filtration area**
  • Available in round and oblong shape. Other shapes upon request.
  • Customized sizes
  • Selections of mesh and opening micron.
  • Selections of weaving – Plain, Twill Plain, Dutch, Twill Dutch. Others upon request.
  • Selections of materials – Stainless steel. Others upon request.

* For applications where the sequence is important
** Especially for smaller mesh or screen or for heat sensitive materials