Ring Type

Ring type

Ring type filtration mesh or filtration screen is a type that the edge is covered or surrounded by a border and normally, this border is made of aluminium. For small round shape, it looks like a wedding ring and thus, we call it Ring Type.

The border or the ring may serve the below functions independently or simultaneously:

  • As a holder to hold a few layers of filtration mesh or screen together*
  • As a fitting so the filtration mesh or screen sit in a more exact position
  • As a mechanical holder to hold the filtration mesh or screen while under high production pressure
  • As a feature to avoid edge leaking**

Our product features including:

  • Round and oblong shapes. Other shapes upon request.
  • Customized sizes.
  • Selections of mesh and opening micron.
  • Selections of materials – Stainless steel. Others upon request.
  • Selections of weaving – Plain, Twill Plain, Dutch, Twill Dutch. Others upon request.

* For multi-layer structure. This is a more luxurious solution comparing to spot-welded type but important for mini extruder or for heat sensitive materials.
** This is especially for very small screen size while even a minor spot-welding casus a significant reduces of filtration area. Example of such applications is laboratory extruder and quality control extruder.