Candle Filter


Candle filter or cartridge filter is designed for high capacity and low change over rate. One product change in 2 to 3 weeks is not uncommon. With a combination of 4, 8, 9 or more cylindrical filtration elements in a single housing makes candle filter a perfect component to ensure stable, smooth and long processing period. To some, candle filter is indispensable for certain high throughput equipment.

The advantages of cylindrical filtration mesh or screen over wrapping method are:

  • Avoid technical error
  • A perfect welding avoid leakage

Our product features including:

  • Customized sizes
  • Selections of mesh and opening micron
  • Selections of weaving – Plain, Twill Plain, Dutch, Twill Dutch. Others upon request.
  • Selections of wire
  • Multi-layer structure option is available