Wrapping Wire

Rectangular filtration mesh or screen is normally used as an alternative to cylindrical type. Instead of slotting in a cylindrical filter, pre-cut rectangular filter is being wrapped around rocket filter or candle filter (cartridge filter) housing by using wire.

The advantages of doing so are:

  • A cost effective alternative
  • Flexible in terms of layer structure and different meshes
  • Easily source-able in open market (normally in roll form)

Our products features are:

  • Well pre-cut into the right dimension avoid edge leakage at both end of the housing
  • Customized sizes
  • Selections of mesh and opening micron
  • Selections of materials – Stainless steel and iron. Others upon request.
  • Selections of weaving – Plain, Twill Plain, Dutch, Twill Dutch. Others upon request
  • Wrapping wire available*

* Sold separately