Oblong Type

Oblong Type

Oblong type filtration mesh or filtration screen is more often used in processes where bigger area of filtration is required while cylindrical filtration is not an option due:

  • Frequent production change
  • Materials sensitivity
  • Particular process requirements

The advantages of pre-cut oblong type are:

  • Avoid edge leakage due to improper cutting
  • Reduce unnecessary wastage due to technical error
  • Ease of usage control – quantity of purchase has direct relationship with production or equipment
  • Ease of production screen change*

Our product features including:

  • Pre-cut oblong shape
  • Customized sizes
  • Selections of mesh and opening micron.
  • Selections of materials – Stainless steel and iron. Others upon request.
  • Selections of weaving – Plain, Twill Plain, Dutch, Twill Dutch. Others upon request.
  • Ring type option available
  • Spot-welded multi-layer available

* Especially for spot-welded type